Thursday, March 15, 2007

Real man in quicksand

i wish i was a rich man,
a genius or a leader
the man that i wanna be
should i get a real job
start a real life have a future
is this what i’m meant to be
but i’m a drifter with a pipe dream to live a full life
this is life to me if i had a new car and a big house
from a desk job would this still be the real me?
i’ve got a torn mind between my dreams
and what this world says i need to be
if i was a genius with a clear mind and a good heart
things would be so clear
give me more cash and some success maybe then i’d be a real man
with a real life and security to make me smile again
till the sun sets then i’d be a rich man
a dead man with a head stone to tell the world i was a real man.
Espero que gostem...


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